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For families looking for some culture with their sun, Sicily is the place to go. This island has long been a crucible of Mediterranean culture, and today it is a fascinating combination of Greek temples, Arab ceramics, Norman churches and Baroque palazzos. But it also has natural wonders, from the craters of Mount Etna to the still relatively undiscovered beaches of the southern coast.


Baroque culture

The villa is situated at the heart of the Baroque cities in the South East which are all protected by UNESCO



From Greek temples to Roman theaters, Sicily has some of the most fantastic ancient remains in not only all of Italy, but all of Europe.


Sightseeing & Beaches

This part of Sicily is quite unspoilt, the countryside is enchanting, the beaches are uncrowded and night sky is spectacular

Vino siciliano.jpg


Tell us what your interests are - from visits to local wineries or  mountain biking through to having a personal chef prepare a delicious meal at the villa- and we will organise a special itinerary

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